aubraRuby Learn More ButtonIf you are looking for a combination birth control pill, your physician may recommend Lutera®. This oral contraceptive is used primarily for the prevention of pregnancy but may also be prescribed for other conditions as deemed fit by a physician. For women who have longer than average (5 to 7 day) periods, the use of combination birth control pills can actually reduce the length of the period.

Additionally, some women may experience excessive bleeding during their periods and this too can often be successfully reduced with Lutera®. Oral contraceptives like Lutera® are taken daily at the same time each day. If taken imperfectly (more than 24 hours apart) it is more likely that a gap in coverage could occur. This could put you at risk of becoming pregnant. This is typically when birth control and spotting are linked together. Spotting (or bleeding that happens outside of the time of your normal period) can be a sign that you birth control is not protecting you. This means a backup method of non-hormonal birth control may be necessary.

 Lutera® Birth Control

Like all other prescription medications, it’s necessary to inform your doctor of any other pills or supplements that you are taking. The active ingredients are ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel. These hormones, along with the other ingredients, may interact with certain types of medications or supplements. To avoid an interaction, your doctor will be able to tell you if anything you are currently taking will cause Lutera® birth control to become ineffective or harmful.

Birth Control Pill Lutera®

Whenever you take a prescription medication it’s important to make sure you are taking it exactly as intended by the prescribing physician. When you receive your medication there will also be prescribing information enclosed with it. You will read that if you are sick and have vomiting or diarrhea, birth control pill Lutera® may be rendered ineffective. In this situation, it’s important to use a backup method of birth control (like a male condom) to be certain that pregnancy will not occur. If you miss any of your Lutera® pills, your chances of becoming pregnant increase. You should never increase or decrease the amount of medication you are taking on your own. Be sure you only do so if advised by your physician.

Lutera® Birth Control Pills

Lutera® birth control pills are available by prescription only. They should never be taken without the supervision of a doctor. There are generally few, if any, side effects associated with Lutera® birth control. Most are mild and typically will dissipate with time.