Levora ®

chantealRuby Learn More ButtonLevora® is a combination birth control which is most commonly prescribed to women for the prevention of pregnancy. There are a variety of ways Levora® does this. As an oral combination pill, Levora® contains an active progestin and estrogen (two types of female hormones) which promote changes in the body that make it more difficult for an egg to become fertilized and attached to the uterus wall. The vaginal fluid is thickened which make the chances of sperm traveling to an egg more improbable. Additionally the lining of the uterus changes to make implantation of a fertilized egg less likely. Combination birth control pills have a higher success rate for pregnancy prevention than progestin only pills (often called mini pills). In fact, when taken perfectly as directed, birth control pills like Levora® are 99.9% effective in pregnancy prevention.

Many people wonder what the correct age to begin taking Levora® birth control is. This is something that is best discussed with a medical expert. Ideally, beginning a birth control regimen prior to becoming sexually active is recommended. There are other reasons why women may decide to take birth control Levora® pills. Some of the most common include abnormal periods, periods that are painful and long lasting, abnormal bleeding, acne and endometriosis.

Levora® Birth Control

Levora® birth control also helps to suppress ovulation, which means that the uterus doesn’t release an egg. Many women enjoy using Levora® birth control because, many experience less painful periods, improvement in acne breakouts, shorter periods, reduced PMS and a decreased chance of developing endometrial cancer, ectopic pregnancy, uterine fibroids and benign breast disease as explained by Mayo Clinic. Another potential benefit is a decreased risk of experiencing a postmenopausal hip fracture.

Levora® Side Effects

Like all medications, there is always a chance of developing Levora® side effects. There are some conditions that can make a woman an unsuitable candidate for Levora® birth control or other types of combination birth control pills. If you have any of the following conditions, it’s important to discuss them with a medical professional before taking Levora®.

If you are breast-feeding
A smoker over 35-years-old
Have uncontrolled blood pressure
Have a history of heart disease or stroke
Breast cancer history
History of migraines
Diabetes complications
Liver disease
Uterine bleeding that’s unexplained

Levora® Reviews

For those who are not sure which birth control is best suited for them, reading Levora® reviews can provide helpful insight as far as what the experience will be like. It’s important to realize that taking Levora® birth control does nothing to prevent you from becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases or infections. For this purpose, it’s best for both partners to be tested prior to intercourse or for a condom to be used just in case. Some of the most commonly reported Levora® side effects include breakthrough bleeding (often referred to as spotting), tenderness in the breasts, a decrease in sexual urge or libido, high blood pressure, headache, changes in mood and nausea. Some of these Levora® side effects you may read in reviews actually subside with time and are only bothersome for the first month or two.