lyza-1Ruby Learn More ButtonThere are many different forms of birth control that you can choose from. Some are hormonal and others include barrier methods like male and female condoms. Others may choose to use a combination of both since hormonal birth control methods do not protect against HIV or STDs while barrier methods reduce the risk. Prior to engaging in sexual activity, it’s always advisable that you discuss personal health history. Nor-QD® is one hormonal birth control pill that many women rely on to prevent pregnancy. What makes Nor-QD® different than most types of birth control pills is that it only contains a form of progestin, known as norethindrone. It is taken most often by women who cannot take pills containing estrogen.

While both the combination pill and the “mini pill,” as progestin only pills are called, prevent pregnancy they work in slightly different ways. While one of the birth control benefits of combination pills is that ovulation no longer occurs, only about half of the women stop releasing an egg (ovulating) when taking the mini pill. Pregnancy is still prevented in two other ways. The wall of the uterus becomes thicker which greatly reduces the chance of a fertilized egg implanting. Secondly, the vaginal mucus also becomes thicker. This prevents pregnancy by limiting the mobility of the sperm.

How Does Birth Control Work

There are several ways that birth control works and there are many birth control benefits. Barrier methods of birth control, like condoms, work by preventing sperm from entering the vagina. Hormonal methods like Nor-QD® work by creating certain changes in the body that make pregnancy less likely. Many people wonder ‘how does birth control work?’ Many schools still teach sexual education classes to answer questions like these. For those who do not have access to this, there are many websites and organizations devoted to teaching men and women of all ages how birth control works as well as other sexual health topics.


The main ingredient in Nor-QD® is norethindrone. This form of progestin is used as birth control but also may be prescribed to treat endometriosis, a condition where the lining of the uterus grows in areas of the body outside of the uterus which can result in heavy or irregular periods, pain or other uncomfortable side effects. For women who don’t have regular cycles, norethindrone is often used to helps them menstruate more regularly. As a form of birth control like Nor-QD®, norethindrone is typically the birth control of choice for women who cannot take combination birth control pills, or any medication containing synthetic estrogen.

Birth Control Benefits

Some women have wondered ‘can birth control cause depression?’ This has been proven to be a myth. When birth control was first manufactured in the 60’s, there were fears that it was leading to depression among women. Those original pills contained far higher levels of hormones than the birth control pills of today. In fact, typically combination birth control pills now contain 8 to 10 times less than those original pills. In some studies women’s moods actually increased. There is “no consistent evidence” that birth control causes depression. There is proof however that certain cancers may be reduced by its use however.