Are Birth Control Pills Safe?

No matter what your reason for starting on birth control pills may be, at one time or another you have probably asked yourself (or your physician) are birth control pills safe? For most women who are not smokers, the answer is yes. If you combine smoking cigarettes with the hormones in birth control, however you are putting your body at a greater risk of developing a heart attack or stroke. That’s because the estrogen causes a bit more pressure on the artery walls and when combined with the impact of nicotine on the body, the pressure increases even further.

So what are your specific safety concerns when you wonder are birth control pills safe or not? One common concern that many women have is wondering whether or not they can choose to become pregnant after taking the pill. The good news, is that unlike surgical methods, the birth control pill is completely reversible. When you are ready to start a family, you simply stop taking the pill as directed by your physician and within weeks pregnancy is possible. Typically doctor’s recommended fertility testing if you are trying to conceive unsuccessfully for a year or more.

Can You Smoke on Birth Control?

As mentioned briefly above, the answer to can you smoke on birth control is no, you really shouldn’t. This is especially true if you are over the age of 35.You are putting yourself at serious risk when smoking on birth control. If you are not ready to quit, speak with your pharmacist or doctor about other less risky options when it comes to pregnant prevention.

Can You Get Pregnant if You Miss One Pill?

Chances are that you are taking birth control to avoid pregnancy, right? So if you have ever woken up the next day and realized you missed a dose you are likely wonder can you get pregnant if you miss one pill. The short answer is, yes. If you have missed a pill and had unprotected sex it is possible to become pregnant. Try and remind yourself to take the pill at the same time each day by setting a reminder alarm on your phone. Also travel with your birth control pills in an item, such as a purse, that you will have with you at all times. This will eliminate those ‘uh-oh’ moments when you find yourself stuck somewhere with your pills.