Birth Control Brands

If you are unsure which of the many birth control brands you want to start taking, cost is likely one large deciding factor. No one wants to overpay for their medication. While many birth control brands are affordable, the great news is that most have generic equivalents that are even more cost effective. This is true of both combination pills and mini pills. Combination pills are more popular and there are many more birth control options available for these. If you are allergic to estrogen, however, you will likely go with the mini pill, which contains only progestin. Still wondering how much is birth control? This will rely entirely on what type and where you get it from.

Birth Control Options

When it comes to birth control options, pills are not the only form to consider. One widely used form of birth control is the barrier method, like male and female condoms. Traditionally, male condoms are the most popular.

Even if you do go with one of the many birth control brands, you may want to consider using a condom as well. Even though birth control pills protect you against pregnancy when taken as directed, they don’t protect you from STDs. That’s why it’s very important that you and your partner both know your STD status and get tested regularly if you are having sex with multiple partners or even with one partner if you do not know if they have been tested. Preventing pregnancy is only part of the equation when you look in to birth control options.

Order Birth Control Online

If you decide to order birth control online, your life is about to get MUCH easier. Many insurance companies limit the amount of pill packs you can get each month. When you order online, you can have 3 delivered to you right away. This eliminates that panic you feel when you open your pack only to see you have run out and your pharmacy is closed for the day. One of the largest reasons that birth control pills fail is because of human error and running out of pills and skipping one or more days is just that. Many women have wondered if they order birth control online if they will be getting the authentic medication. If you order from an established and certified pharmacy, then the answer is yes. At this point in time, there are no birth control options in pill form available to you over-the-counter (other than emergency contraception), so beware if any website doesn’t have a doctor on staff to prescribe your medication to you. Once you find a reliable source to order birth control online, you will never want to go back to getting it at your local pharmacy.