Birth Control Options

Birth control options are something our grandmothers likely never got to experience. The fact that we now have so many options is great, but can also be a bit confusing. Fortunately, your physician or pharmacist can help talk to you about the different pros and cons of each. Several factors will help steer you on the path toward making the right decision. Many women commonly choose oral contraceptives due to their affordability and ease of use. There are two main types of birth control options when it comes to pills – the “mini pill” or the combination pill. For many women who cannot handle estrogen, the mini pill is their best choice. The most common, however, is the combination pill which contains both progestin and estrogen. If you have a known sensitivity to a certain ingredient, your pharmacist or physician can steer you toward the proper birth control pill for you.

Free Birth Control Pills Online

Getting free birth control pills online isn’t quite an option yet, but how does $20 a month sound? For many women, especially the uninsured, this is far less than they would pay at their local pharmacy. The cost of birth control online is much less and the pills actually ship for free. While there are so many convenient advantages to birth control pills, having to drive to the doctor and the pharmacy for refills is not one of them.

When ordering online, you don’t have to do either of these things. Your medication gets sent in a discrete package so you can comfortably receive it at your home, office, dorm or even have it held at your local FedEx shipping station.

Cost of Birth Control

No woman should let the cost of birth control be the reason that she goes without it. For those who are choosing not to have children at this point in their lives, the pill can be one of the most effective ways to avoid having an unwanted pregnancy. Relatively speaking, the cost of birth control is far less than the cost of paying for a child. Fortunately, for those who cannot afford the cost of birth control, there are many free clinics like Planned Parenthood who can help make family planning completely affordable.

Different Kinds of Birth Control

One advantage of having some many different kinds of birth control available is that there are options for everyone. It’s not uncommon for a woman to start off on one type of birth control pill only to try another one months later. Our bodies are unique and not everyone responds the same way to all birth control pills. It’s just the way our bodies are. This is why having access to your physician and pharmacist online are imperative for having all the right birth control options at your fingertips.