Can You Get Pregnant on the Pill?

Chances are, if you are on the pill you aren’t planning on pregnancy anytime soon. So can you get pregnant on the pill? If not used properly, you absolutely can. Most of us know of someone, even a friend of a friend, who claims she became pregnant on the pill. How is this possible? Well, chances are that you aren’t receiving the story in its entirety. If not taken as directed, especially if pills are skipped or not taken at consistent times each day, pregnancy can occur. Other factors, like if you have taken certain antibiotics and not used a backup birth control method, you may become pregnant on the pill.

What are Birth Control Side Effects?

No prescription medication is totally devoid of potential side effects. Our bodies are all unique and the way we may respond to the hormones will also be unique. That being said, you may experience some or none of the following common birth control side effects – nausea, spotting between periods, changes in weight, changes in mood, decreased libido, tender breasts, missed periods and headaches.

How Effective is Birth Control?

Answering the question ‘how effective is birth control?’ relies largely on you, believe it or not. When taken completely as directed, combination birth control is nearly 99.9% effective. When the mini pill is taken as directed, efficacy is between 87% and 99.7%.

Still wondering what impact you have over how effective is birth control? In order to keep the hormones stabilized and equal throughout the body, you need to take the medication at the very same time each day. If you are taking them at random times, can you get pregnant on the pill? The answer is yes! Set an alarm to remind you to take your pill at the same time each day and if you miss a pill, follow the directions you received along with your prescription so that you can get back on track.