Different Kinds of Birth Control

Upon deciding to be sexually active, many young adults who are not yet ready to start a family opt for one of the many different kinds of birth control available. While we most commonly think of oral contraceptives, there are several other types of birth control available. From highly effective devices like IUDs, the shot or condoms to less effective methods of birth control like the pull out method, for example. With so many different kinds of birth control available at all different costs, women must decide what fits in their budget as well as what suits their needs.

Online Birth Control

Online birth control is a relatively new concept and one that many women don’t even know exists. What separates online birth control ordering from the traditional pharmacy prescription pick-up is that your medication is actually shipped directly to the location of your choice. You may be wondering how is online birth control legal? Well, not at websites actually are. If you find a company that is offering birth control without a prescription, this is a classic case of an illegal pharmacy. On the other hand, there is a difference between this scenario and a website that offers prescriptions without a prior prescription. This is perfectly legal so long as a licensed physician is the one writing patient prescriptions prior to dispensing the birth control.

Birth Control Prices

Birth control prices online are also another benefit of going the virtual route. Not only do you have the convenience of not going to the doctor and the pharmacy, but birth control prices are affordable and consistent regardless of whether you have insurance or not.

Choosing birth control brands can be a bit tricky but really it just comes down to preference. For those who are sensitive to birth control, there are some pills with lower doses of hormones, others that make your period disappear or get lighter and still others that contain estrogen only. Talking to your pharmacist and physician about your goal budget birth control prices, along with any known allergies, can help you pin down which of the many birth control brands is the right match for you.

Birth Control Online

Another question commonly asked regarding birth control online is ‘how do you know that the medication is real?’ That’s a really great concern to voice. Any legit pharmacy will be able to offer you a pill pedigree which traces it directly to the manufacturer. Also, take the time to call the company and ask MANY questions. You want to know exactly how the process works, how it is legal and that you are absolutely getting the real medication your ordered.