Online Birth Control

Birth control options are at an all-time high. Women now have access to birth control shots, pills, IUDs and various other methods of pregnancy prevention. The options for actually purchasing these however are slightly less available. Fortunately, with the recent emergence of online birth control, it’s becoming a much easier process. Prior to online prescribing, oral contraceptive prescriptions required an initial trip to the doctor’s office followed by monthly trips to the pharmacy for refills. While this was feasible for many women it was far from convenient.

Now ordering birth control is as easy as signing online, filling out a medical consultation and having your pills shipped directly to you. So how much is birth control when you order it this way? It’s $20 a month! That’s what most people pay with their insurance, but this is simply the amount in total, even if you are uninsured – plus it is shipped for free directly to you.

Birth Control Options

With so many plentiful birth control options, it often comes down to personal preference. Of course, there is also a medical component to it as well. While birth control pills are a safe option for many women, certain medical conditions may make it a less than ideal choice. This is one of the reasons that birth control is offered by prescription only. A physician needs to understand your medical and family medical history in order to safely recommend that best of the many birth control options.

Order Birth Control Online

Many women are thrilled by the idea that they can order birth control online, but don’t fully understand how it works. The process is actually much simpler than you might think. Just as you would fill out paperwork upon sitting in the waiting room at your physician’s office, you will first be required to fill out a full branching medical consultation that will ask you about your family and medical history. This information will be passed on to your physician and he or she will make the decision as to whether or not the medication is a good fit.

Once your online prescription is written, it will be sent to the internal pharmacy, your method of payment will be charged and your medication will be sent directly to your location of choice. Whether it’s a FedEx shipping location, your dorm, home, or office, the medication comes in a discrete package so that no one needs to know what it is that you are ordering.

Birth Control Prices

In most pharmacies, birth control prices will vary greatly depending on the type of medication you need and whether you have health insurance or not. When you order birth control online, there is one set price, regardless of these other factors and that makes it much easier. When you take cost out of the equation when choosing a birth control, you can really take the time to make sure it is the right one for you.