Order Birth Control Online

Whether you are new to birth control or have been taking it for years, the news that you can now order birth control online will certainly be celebrated! The old way worked of course…you traveled to the doctor’s office and then to the pharmacy but with all the waiting and traveling, the process seemed a bit laborious, right? Well now buying birth control online is changing all of that and making it much easier. Are you wondering ‘where can I buy birth control pills online?’ There are certain things you will need to keep in mind. Birth control still can only be bought by prescription only so if you see a service with no physician on staff and no prescription needed, this is not a legit pharmacy and you may be getting counterfeit pills. To avoid this, only buy birth control pills from a licensed online pharmacy.

Buy Birth Control Pills

If you are just now learning about birth control and trying to decide if it is right for you, this is something you can discuss with your doctor or research on your own before you order birth control online. The basics are pretty simple, if you are currently (or plan on becoming) sexually active, oral contraceptives (often referred to as ‘the pill’) can protect you from unplanned pregnancy. When you buy birth control pills, you will see literature detailing exactly how to take the pill. It’s important to follow these directions exactly so the pill works as intended. When taken perfectly, the efficacy is over 99%.

Buying birth control online makes it easy to get your medication without having to drive to the pharmacy. Medication is shipped in discreet packaging so you never have to worry about other people knowing what you have ordered. You can even have it sent to your work and your secret is safe. Your information is also protected by HIPAA so no one can call to try and get personal health information when you are ordering birth control pills online.

Birth Control Online

Still wondering how buying birth control online can be safe? Picture it like this – instead of going to see a physician, you are doing a virtual consultation with a licensed physician. You answer the same basic questions, list all medications you are on and even complete a personal health history assessment. Once all this is studied by the physician, he or she will decide if you are a good candidate for buying birth control online. Once approved, your order will be processed and the private pharmacy will prepare and ship your medication. All pharmacists working for the online pharmacy you are buying birth control from should be licensed just as they would be at your local drug store. Essentially, nothing is all that different in the entire prescribing and fulfilling process, it’s just easier to receive your medication this way since you don’t even need to leave the house.