What Does Birth Control Do?

Taking birth control pills allows the body to make small changes that will decrease the odds of pregnancy occurring. This is done by adding artificial hormones to the body by taking a pill orally each day. The most common type of pill, the combination pill, contains two main hormones – estrogen and progestin. For women whose bodies don’t react well to estrogen, there is also the mini pill which contains progestin only. When you get down to what does birth control do to prevent pregnancy, there are several ways that it impacts the body. Estrogen and progestin prevent an egg from being released during ovulation. Without an egg present, there is no way for fertilization to occur and naturally, no fertilization means no pregnancy.
Other changes also occur in the body as a result of birth control pills. The cervical mucus is also changed which makes it less likely that sperm can travel through the cervix. In this case, even if there is an egg present, there is a much lower chance that fertilization and implantation can occur. You may be wondering are birth control pills safe? Fortunately they are safe for most women. Of course all medications have potential side effects and there are certain conditions or health histories that may increase the chances of side effects. This is one reason that the majority of states currently require a valid prescription in order to start a birth control regimen.

Can You Get Pregnant on the Pill?

Another FAQ when it comes to birth control is “can you get pregnant on the pill?” Technically, no birth control plan is 100% effective. Fortunately, when taken as directed, the combination birth control pill is 99.9% effective in preventing pregnant. Most often women who get pregnant on the pill have missed doses. The key to using birth control pills effectively is taking them at the very same time each day. Once you get on a schedule, this is easy to maintain.
The mini pill is effective as well but slightly less than the combination pill. They are somewhere between 87% and 99.7% effective in pregnancy prevention. For this reason, most women go with the combination pill if they do not have a sensitivity to estrogen.

Are Birth Control Pills Safe?

Going more in depth with the question ‘are birth control pills safe?’ Your physician can help you decide if hormonal contraceptives are the right choice for you. Certain factors may make birth control pills a risky choice for you. This is especially true if you smoke cigarettes. The combination of added estrogen and the effects of nicotine can lead to too much pressure on the blood vessel walls. This can in turn cause heart attack and/or stroke. If you are over the age of 35 and are a smoker, your odds of facing a complication while taking birth control are much higher.

Where Can I Get a Morning After Pill?

If you forgot to take your birth control or simply didn’t use any contraception and had unprotected sex, the first question out of your mouth the next day is probably ‘where can I get a morning after pill?’ Depending on the type, there are several different places you can buy the morning after pill. Certain brands allow you to buy them over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. If you would like a prescription morning after pill like ella, you can either visit your regular physician or you can order online from a certified physician.