Day After Pill

ella-and-eContraEZ-logos-180x240There are many ways to take precautions when you decide to become sexually active. Some women use barrier methods while others use hormonal contraceptives or even both together. Another protective measure to Ruby Learn More Buttonkeep in your arsenal is the day after pill. If your normal method of birth control fails, it’s great to have a backup plan and that’s where the over the counter morning after pill comes in. Fortunately it is available over the counter and for women 17 or older, it’s very accessible. So what does the morning after pill do? Basically it prevents the egg from being released (ovulation).

There are a number of reasons that a birth control method might fail. In some cases a condom can break or perhaps you forgot to take your birth control pill. Whatever the reason, you have a small window of opportunity to act. With over the counter emergency contraception, you have a 3 day time period to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex occurs. For this reason, many women choose to keep a day after pill on hand in their medicine cabinet in case the regular contraceptive method failed.

Where Can I Buy The Morning After Pill?

If you research common questions online about the pill, you will come across many people asking “where can I buy the morning after pill?” Fortunately you have several options. If you are someone who prefers the privacy of ordering items online, you will be happy to know that you can safely order the over the counter morning after pill online. If you would rather head to your local pharmacy, this may be an option as well. It’s best to call ahead however since not all pharmacies stock the OTC morning after pill. If your local pharmacy doesn’t have the day after pill, you can receive your medication through the mail. Over the counter emergency contraception works best when it is taken as soon as possible after intercourse.

Over the Counter Emergency Contraception

Before the day after pill became available over the counter, the process of getting it was a bit more complex. You needed to drive to your doctor’s office, get a prescription and then head to the pharmacy to have it filled. Now that you can order it online easily, there is no need for all those annoying stops and embarrassing questions. If you forgot to take birth control pill, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean that you have to just wait and take a pregnancy test in a month. You can get immediate peace of mind by taking the day after pill. When used as directed the day after pill is highly effective. There are few side effects associated with the day after pill. It’s common to have spotting or bleeding between periods or slightly abnormal periods. If your period is more than a week late you should still take a pregnancy test to be sure.