Morning After Pill Over the Counter

EContraEZThe condom broke…now what?

Understandably you are nervous that you could be pregnancy. After all, even if you aren’t ovulating at the current time, sperm can live in your reproductive tract Ruby Learn More Buttonfor days. Whether you are on birth control and forgot to take a pill or are using condoms as your primary source of pregnancy prevention, the morning after pill over the counter is a great solution to any contraceptive failure. There are many ways that the day after pill works but primarily it will help prevent ovulation (or the release of the egg) from occurring. So is the morning after pill over the counter? There are several different types, but you can now get the day after pill without a prescription if you are 17 or older.

Day After Pill

It’s important to note that the day after pill protects against one act of unprotected sex, not several. Be sure to keep this in mind, even though the OTC morning after pill is effective for up to 3 days after unprotected sex, it doesn’t mean that it is safe to have repeated unprotected sex during that time.

Other factors that might impact the day after pill include certain medications like St. John’s Wort or being medically listed as obese. These may render the day after pill less effective for some women. So if you are a good candidate for the morning after pill over the counter, are you wondering where you can get it? Well, you can head to your local pharmacy but keep in mind that not all businesses keep this medication in stock. For this reason, some women prefer to order over the counter emergency contraception online. Another beneficial factor of online ordering is privacy. Unlike risking being overheard at the local pharmacy, online ordering allows you total privacy. Even if someone were to call to find out what you ordered, your medical information is protected under HIPAA laws, as they are in your regular doctor’s office. Your decision to take the OTC morning after pill is your business and yours only. That’s why the medication will also be shipped in a discrete package that makes no note of the contents inside,

Condom Broke

Condoms are a great choice when it comes to preventing STD transmission. Aside from abstinence, using a barrier method is the only true way to protect yourself against STD transmission. Unfortunately, in some cases, friction or an expired product can cause the condom to break. Many times this goes without notice until it’s too late. If the condom broke and you fear that pregnancy could result, you can take the morning after pill over the counter for up to 3 days after the incident occurred. Something to keep in mind however is that with each hour that passes, efficacy wears off so it’s most important for you to take the pill as soon as possible. If you are afraid this could happen again, it’s often a good idea to keep an extra over the counter emergency contraception pill in your medicine cabinet.