OTC Morning After Pill

The OTC morning after pill is a great option for women who have had unprotected sex (or experienced the malfunction of a regular birth control method). The hormones present in emergency contraception work to Ruby Learn More Buttonprevent pregnancy before it occurs. That’s because the day after pill helps keep the egg from being released (ovulation) and therefore, even if sperm is present there is no chance for fertilization to occur. If you are wondering ‘where can I buy the morning after pill?’ it’s pretty simple actually EContra EZ is available over the counter. You can also order it online and have it delivered directly to your home, dorm or office building.

OTC morning after pills are not intended to be used as a routine form of birth control. While they are safe for occasional use, using them more than once in any cycle is not recommended.

The day after pill known as EContra EZ is available for women who are 17 or older. It’s intended to be taken up to 3 days after unprotected sex but is most effective when taken as soon as possible.

Over the Counter Morning After Pill

Some women prefer to keep the over the counter morning after pill on hand just in case an accident occurs. If you have unprotected sex and don’t have the pill already, however, it is easy to get from your pharmacy. While one of the largest misnomers is that the OTC morning after pill is the same as an abortion, this is not true at all. By keeping the egg from releasing, the sperm have no chance to create a pregnancy.

Day After Pill

There are other day after pills which are not available over the counter. These require a visit to the doctor or an online medical consultation. If you are unsure which type is best for your situation, speaking with a physician or pharmacist can be beneficial for helping you decide.

Just like regular birth control pills, there may be some side effects with the day after pill. Normally these are brief and result in only minimal discomfort. Typically these include nausea, dizziness, irregular periods or abdominal pain.

Over the Counter Morning After Pill

The need for the over the counter morning after pill can come from several scenarios. It is possible that a condom may have broken or been neglected altogether. It’s also possible that you forgot to take birth control pill. Whatever the reason, the OTC morning after pill can help alleviate the panic that comes with facing a potential unplanned pregnancy.