Where Can I Buy the Morning After Pill?

ella-and-eContraEZ-logos-180x240The moment after your contraception fails, your mind immediately begins to race. Could I be pregnant? Is there anything I can do? Where can I buy the morning after pill?
These are common thoughts to have! Ruby Learn More ButtonContraception failure can be one of the biggest sources of anxiety for sexually active women everywhere. While panicking may seem the only option, it’s not. You still have a choice. The day after pill is the best solution for preventing pregnancy AFTER intercourse. With this being said however, its use should be reserved for emergencies only and not continual use. So first things first, you are wondering where can I buy the morning after pill, right? The good news is that you have several options and you should start looking at them right away. With the OTC morning after pill, time is of the essence. In order to be most effective, you should be taking the over the counter morning after pill as soon as you possibly can after sex. When it is taken within 24 hours after unprotected sex, the OTC morning after pill will prevent 95% of pregnancies. When taken up to 72 hours after intercourse, the percentage falls to 85%.

Over the Counter Morning After Pill

Have you ever wondered how the over the counter morning after pill works? It’s actually pretty simple! When taken as directed, the OTC morning after pill prevents ovulation, which therefore prevents any fertilization from occurring. It is NOT the same as an abortion and will not impact an existing pregnancy. Now that you know how it works, it’s time to make sure you can find it. Over the counter morning after pills unfortunately are not stocked in all pharmacies everywhere. Depending upon the area you live, you may have several local pharmacies you can call and check. If you are wondering where can I buy the morning after pill in total privacy? You will be happy to know that you can actually now get the day after pill online. If you are 17 or older, you can simply go online and have the medication shipped directly to you. The shipping cost is included in the overall price of the day after pill.

Over the Counter Emergency Contraception

Many women who have never taken over the counter emergency contraception fear that it will make them terribly sick. While most medications have a list of potential side effects (as does the over the counter emergency contraception) most are mild and short lasting. Some of the most common side effects include nausea, vomiting (which may require taking the day after pill again) and stomach pain. In general, when taken as directed, over the counter emergency contraception is very safe and effective.