June 26, 2019

“I want to plan with the IUD but I am afraid”

Louise* is a 30-year-old mother of two children, she did not know which family planning method to choose being that she had never used one before. She is the oldest of three sisters, her two sisters are IUD users.

Louise had many fears regarding this method but one of her sisters had the IUD insertion done in our Medical Clinics Red Segura, she told Louise of the good care and warmth with which they treated her and thus Louise decided to visit our facilities.

Louise: “When I arrived at the clinic I felt great, they greeted me with a smile. When I went into the counseling I still had many fears but as the counselor explained to me the IUD all those doubts were cleared up, I felt more confident about the insertion process. During the placement, I had a little bit of fear but the doctor was very professional and helped me relax. I am very happy with my choice and I am grateful to Clínicas Medicas Red Segura for the special service they provide.”

Louise is currently satisfied with her method and has not had any complications, she thanks Clínicas Medicas Red Segura for speaking to her and providing her the information she needed to calm all her fears. She is now able to recommend this method and the quality care at Clínicas Medicas Red Segura.

*name changed at request of participant