Posted: June 26, 2019 Contributor: administrator


Tatenda (not her real name), a 33-year-old unemployed mother of 2 from a disadvantaged part of Harare accessed PSI Zimbabwe’s New Start services at an outreach activity conducted at a World Albinism Day commemoration event. At this event, New Start was offering an integrated package of services that included Family Planning (FP), Cervical Cancer Screening and HIV Testing Services (HTS). Attendees of the event were presented with a menu of services. Tatenda decided to access cervical cancer screening. During the counselling session for cervical cancer screening, the nurse counsellor also discussed contraception with her. Tatenda expressed she was on oral contraception, but not satisfied with the results as she became pregnant with her youngest child because she was irregular with taking her pills. The nurse counsellor showed Tatenda all the FP methods that were available, and she opted for the Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD). Tatenda was then screened for cervical cancer and had an IUCD inserted. She also was tested for HIV. Tatenda left the outreach event excited about having received a more effective FP method.