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New Year, Same You

We’ve all seen it happen. The “New Year, New Me” posts splattered across social media, the resolution lists of novel-length that somehow get misplaced within the first few weeks of January, and that feeling that this will be the year it all comes together — and then it doesn’t.

Check-in with yourself

The New Year is a great chance for one to step back and reevaluate life from all angles—health, career, relationships, and overall happiness. For many, 12:01 AM on January 1st is the first page of a brand new notebook and a starting point for change in the coming year. But here’s a plot twist: you may not need to do that. You are already incredible, and it’s okay to be the same you in 2018!

You do you

Don’t give in to what others are writing down as their goals for the year, or to societal pressures telling you that you’re in need of a change. If you’re happy, do YOU! Just because people you know may have plans to change their habits or lifestyle, know that you’re not obligated to follow suit. So try ditching the New Year, New Me motto, and continue being the confident woman that you are!

Don’t change for anyone else

If you do see room for self-improvement this year, that’s great! Just remember: don’t change for anyone else but yourself. If you’re looking for new ways to better yourself, avoid giving up tangible things, but rather try adding in elements to your daily life such as meditation, physical movement, or volunteering.  These small, but important steps may be just what you’re looking for.
As you look ahead, continue to love yourself, love others, and do good. After all, why would anyone want to change that? Now let’s show 2018 what we got. 


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