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World Contraception Day

Increasing awareness and education about reproductive health

World Contraception Day takes place on September 26th every year. The annual worldwide campaign centers around a vision where every pregnancy is wanted. Founded in 2007, World Contraception Day raises awareness of birth control and advocates for better education in regards to sexual and reproductive health. Ultimately, World Contraception Day’s mission is to improve awareness of contraception and to enable young people to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health.

Why is World Contraception Day important?

Unplanned pregnancy is more prevalent than you might think, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Worldwide, more than 41% of all pregnancies are unplanned. In the United States alone, 80% of pregnancies among young women age 18 to 29 are self-reported as unplanned. The good news is, unplanned pregnancy is entirely preventable with proper education and access to contraceptive methods like birth control pills, condoms, IUDs, and more. That’s where PRJKT RUBY comes in—our mission is to provide a low-cost birth control option to women in the U.S. through a convenient online platform. In addition, we partner with PSI and Power to Decide to offer free oral contraceptives to women who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.

Empowering women with a choice all year round

For each month of oral contraceptives purchased through PRJKT RUBY, a donation is made to support access to contraception for women in the developing world via Population Services International (PSI), a tax-exempt, nonprofit global health organization and in the United States via Power to Decide, a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Methods of contraception may include oral contraceptives, injectables, implants, IUD’s or emergency contraceptives. The best part is, we do this all year round—not just on World Contraception Day, but today is the perfect time to highlight the issue and raise more awareness. Every time you purchase a cycle of birth control through PRJKT RUBY, you’re empowering another woman with a choice. Learn more and join the movement today.


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