aubraRuby Learn More ButtonWhile most people associate hormonal contraceptives with pregnancy prevention, combination pills like Aviane® are also noted for other health benefits. For example, birth control pills are associated with a decreased risk of ovarian cysts, shorter and lighter periods and improvement in the condition of acne-prone skin. There may also be other reasons for your doctor to recommend Aviane®. One thing that many doctors are certain to stress is that while hormonal contraceptives protect against pregnancy, they do not protect again STDs, including HIV and AIDS. For this reason, it’s wise to be tested with your partner to make sure you are both healthy. In addition, barrier methods, like a male condom for example, can greatly reduce the risk of many (but not all) STDs.

Of course, the only way to prevent fully against STDs and pregnancy is through the practice of abstinence from sexual intercourse. For many monogamous couples however, this is not a practical solution. That’s why Aviane® birth control generic is a wise choice. Even if you believe you are being careful, hormonal birth control will help give you the peace of mind in case of a contraceptive failure.

Aviane® Birth Control Generic

Birth control works in many different ways to lessen the chances of becoming pregnant from unprotected sex. Aviane® birth control generic allows the uterine lining to become thick, which would make it hard for a fertilized egg to implant if given the chance. The cervical mucus is thickened as well since this defends the cervix from oncoming sperm. The sperm have a more difficult time traveling through the thick mucus and therefore, don’t make it to the cervix.

Always keep in mind that it is not safe or advisable to take a prescription belonging to anyone else. Hormonal birth control requires a doctor’s prescription and is not safe for everyone to take. There are certain conditions that can make taking Aviane® birth control generic unsafe.

Additionally, some medications may not react well with Aviane®. In these cases, a serious reaction could occur or Aviane® birth control generic medication could be rendered useless. While not all antibiotics cause adverse reactions with the pill, certain ones can reduce the efficacy of the pregnancy prevention therefore it is extremely important to discuss this with your physician or pharmacist prior to taking the medication.

Generic Birth Control Pill

One common question many people have when it comes to birth control is “are there differences between a name brand and a generic birth control pill pack?” The answer is yes and no. Essentially, you are getting the same medication, however, it may look slightly different as it is made by another manufacturer. The benefit of Aviane® birth control generic is that it is normally less expensive than the name brand medication. If you are on the fence regarding which type of birth control pill is best for you, your prescribing physician will be able to steer you in the right direction.

Many women enjoy taking birth control pills like Aviane® because they report having lighter periods that are less painful and are shorter lasting while on the pill. For this reason, they are often prescribed to women who have menstrual issues. It’s important to understand the dangers of smoking cigarettes while taking Aviane® or any other form of hormonal birth control. Smoking may lead to heart attack or even stroke, especially in women 35 and older. In order to avoid this complication, most doctors advise women to quit smoking prior to starting a hormonal birth control routine.

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