Posted: October 5, 2015 Contributor: PRJKT RUBY

A Closer Look at 7 Common Condom Myths

Being sexually active is supposed to be a healthy and enjoyable part of a relationship. For those who forgo protection during intercourse, however, the “healthy” part might be all but lost.

When it comes to barrier methods, the condom is one of the most commonly relied upon. Getting some men and women to understand the importance of using condoms with new partners, in at-risk situations or even for the occasional “one night stand” can be tricky. Part of this is due to the overwhelming amount of myths sounding condoms and their proper use.

Myth #1: Latex Condoms Can Be Damaged With Silicone-Based Lubricants
Fact: Silicone-based lubricants actually help prevent condom breakage! This is because the lubrication decreases the heat caused by friction, which is often the cause of condoms breaking without lube. You do however want to avoid oil-based lubricants as these WILL damage latex condoms. 

Myth #2: If Condoms are Thinner, They Will Break More Often 
Fact: The thickness of the condom actually doesn’t account for how strong it is. Many men and women enjoy using thinner condoms because they can’t notice the feel of the condom as much during intercourse. 

Myth #3: All Men Can Wear the Same Size Condoms
Fact: Believe it or not, it’s commonly believed that condoms are a one-size-fits-all situation. If you use a poorly fitting condom, you are at risk of it breaking, slipping or falling off. Finding the right condom size may result in a little trial and error but when you find the right size, you will definitely be at a reduced risk of condom malfunction. 

Myth #4: Putting Two Condoms On At Once Will Be Even Safer Than Wearing One
Fact: This myth has been around for awhile, but that’s just what it is – a myth. If you are using this double condom method you are actually more likely to cause friction, tearing and other condom difficulties. If you are using a good, properly fitting condom, one is plenty. 

Myth #5: I Only Need to Use Condoms for My Birth Control Needs
Fact: It’s great to use condoms to protect yourself from many STIs, but if you are not yet ready to become pregnant, it’s wise to use a hormonal method of birth control as well. While condoms are pretty reliable, accidents do happen and if they do, it’s a great backup method to be on oral contraceptives. 

Myth #6: Men Can’t Feel Anything With a Condom On
Fact: This is one that many women have heard – “I can’t wear a condom because it takes away all sensation!” Well, this is actually a myth. In many cases, condoms can cause men to last longer which is typically a good thing for both parties involved. Additionally, condom manufacturers have gotten pretty creative in recent years by adding new textures, flavors, colors etc. Condoms don’t need to spoil the moment. 

Myth #7: I Don’t Sleep With People Who Have STIs, I Don’t Need to Wear a Condom
Fact: It’s hard to believe that this misconception is still out there but many people still believe that you can “tell” by looking at someone whether or not they have an STI. Many STIs have no symptoms and there is no one particular type of person that can be infected, yes there are some riskier behaviors that make infection more likely, but STIs can happen to anyone at anytime.