Posted: August 14, 2017 Contributor: administrator

The “Period Brain” Has Officially Been Debunked

The jig is up, people! While the “period brain” has had a great run, a recent study shows that there is no real correlation between hormone levels and a decrease in a woman’s memory or cognitive function. The assumption that ladies are somehow less capable of thinking when their cycle comes back around has finally been squashed for good!

The myth of “period brain”

“Period brain” has served as a vehicle for harmful stereotypes that women are erratic and unpredictable while menstruating, further leading to the notion that they’re unfit to be leaders or hold influence in their careers.

Study shows no change in cognitive function

The study tested a large pool of women and took place over the span of two months, or two menstrual cycles. To track any hormonal changes between women while on and off their cycles, each participant underwent a number of neurophysiological tests to assess each woman’s visual memory, executive functions, and attention spans. The results showed no replicable data that showed a change in cognitive function during the hormonal changes that come along with the menstrual cycle.

Rejoice, ladies—science has spoken! One less harmful stigma and one step closer to the normalization of periods.


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