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The Dangerous Sex Trend You Need To Be Aware Of

“Stealthing” is a lesser-known form of sexual assault that has been on the rise and buzzing around the internet. This assault occurs when a partner deliberately removes a condom during sex, without consent, increasing the risk for unplanned pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. According to a report by the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, a significant amount of phone calls to a university rape crisis hotline describe this act of “stealthing”.

What to do if you’ve experienced stealthing

It is important to know that if you are a victim of stealthing, it is not your fault. It is more common than you think, and it is not okay. So what should you do if you have experienced this? First, you should see a doctor and ask to be tested for sexually-transmitted diseases. You may also want to consider taking the emergency contraception (aka the morning-after pill), available through PRJKT RUBY, to avoid an unplanned pregnancy.

Talk to a mental health professional

You may also want to talk to a mental health professional as “stealthing can elicit the same negative impact on the victim’s mental health as rape,” according to Dr. Greg Kushnick, PsyD, a licensed psychologist in NYC. Also, just because there is not a law that directly addresses the issue of “stealthing”, doesn’t mean that it should go unreported. Take care of yourselves, ladies, and stay vigilant.


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