Posted: November 13, 2015 Contributor: PRJKT RUBY

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Taking the Pill?

Current stats show that four out of five American women have taken (or will use) oral contraceptives at one point in her life. Additionally, 30% will discontinue use for a variety of reasons. Some women find that they prefer using an IUD or another method for pregnancy prevention, while other women may go off of the pill to start a family. No matter how long you have been on the pill, you might be shocked to learn that the hormones are fully out of your system within just a few days!

If you have ever been on the pill yourself you have likely wondered what would happen once you stop taking your pill. Wonder no more, we’ve got you covered!

The following are potential symptoms/changes that may happen but every woman is different so you could experience all, some or none of these:

Heavier Periods/More Noticeable Cramping
One benefit of being on the pill is that most women experience much lighter periods with less painful cramping. Once you are no longer on the pill, however, it’s likely you will return to your old period ways. If you suffered from severe PMS or long, heavy flow periods, you can expect these to come back once you no longer take the pill.

Weight Loss 
Water retention is a side effect of oral contraceptive for many women so once you discontinue use, you may notice a slight drop in weight.

Slight Decrease in Breast Fullness
This depends largely on how your body responded to birth control in the first place. If you noticed your breasts increased in size or fullness, the chances are pretty high that they will deflate a bit when you stop taking the pill.

More Discharge
When you were on the pill, your ovulation was suppressed but once your body returns to it’s normal cycle, you will probably notice an increase in vaginal discharge. That’s because your body is naturally doing what it can to allow pregnancy to occur.

Acne Breakouts
Another benefit of the pill that sadly goes away when you stop taking it is a decrease in acne. Without the hormones in the oral contraceptives, your testosterone level will increase once again and you may notice more acne.

Increase in Sex Drive
While this seems counterproductive, the pill very often decreases sex drive. Once you are off of it, many women find their libido goes in to overdrive.

Pregnancy Can Happen ASAP
If you are not looking to become pregnant, this is one very important thing for you to remember: you can become pregnant right away when you discontinue taking the pill! This is why skipping several pills can result in unplanned pregnancy. If you are not trying to become pregnant, immediately use another form of birth control once you stop taking the pill.