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Loving Your Body Through the Noise

Last year, the National Organization for Women (NOW) launched a campaign aimed at reminding women of their beauty, value, and importance in society. The Love Your Body Campaign fights society’s standard of beauty, one that has been shaped by magazines and ads, photoshopped celebrities and Instagram models.

The struggle to be confident in your own skin

NOW’s fight sent a message to women to be confident in their own skin and in their womanhood, despite the conventional picture painted by the media and the criticism that comes from it, mainly from social media. That outside noise is LOUD and can be detrimental to one’s self-confidence, a distracting factor on a journey to self-love. This year, we’re breaking through that noise to let you know that you should feel like your best self 24/7. At PRJKT RUBY, our mission includes encouraging self-love and confidence in your own skin. Whether birth control gives you peace of mind, helps with your acne or balances your hormones to make you feel more like yourself, our goal is to give you access to these products in an easy and affordable way in hopes that you’ll continue living healthily, happily and freely.  

Comparison is the thief of joy

We know how hard it is to stay positive when you’re comparing yourself to celebrities, models or the “perfect lives” of your social media friends. The reality is we’re comparing ourselves to standards that aren’t attainable nor realistic; strong and beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So we’re here to tell you that you are perfect just the way you are. According to NOW, “As women, we can educate each other on what healthy really is, discuss and expose the media’s use of retouching and altering of photos, and remind each other that every body is beautiful.” We strive to create a positive community of women who have each other’s back, so let’s educate ourselves and others, and start loving our bodies and ourselves from top to bottom!

How PRJKT RUBY is working to support women

Like NOW, we support women around the world. That’s where our TakeCare, GiveCare campaign comes in. Women in the developing world – women just like you – don’t have access to contraceptives or services to help them live and feel better. Instead, many are stuck in a cycle of unwanted pregnancies, lack of medical care or services, and poverty. With every monthly purchase of birth control through PRJKT RUBY, a donation will be made to support access to both contraceptives and family planning services in developing countries, encouraging women to live freely around the world.
October 18th is Love Your Body Day, so feel the love and spread it too — you deserve it. Learn more about PRJKT RUBY and our services here:


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