Posted: November 16, 2015 Contributor: PRJKT RUBY

5 Questions You Should Ask Your OB/GYN

Let’s face it, most of us dread going to see our OB/GYN. While having pelvic exams and pap smears are all part of being a woman, it doesn’t take the discomfort out of having your feet in stirrups while discussing your sexual health. The fact is, we all have to go, so make the most of your office visit. No more dashing for the door as soon as you are done!

Make sure you ask your doctor these five questions if they apply to assure that you are healthy and all your concerns are addressed:

  1. “I’m never in the mood to have sex, is there something wrong with me?” There are many different reasons why your sexual drive could be low, ranging from physical to psychological. While you are in the office, your doctor can help you rule out any physical problems like low estrogen or hypothyroidism. If nothing physically seems wrong you can then look to your current state of mind and the situations in your life to see if any of these may be a factor in your libido. 
  2. “I’ve noticed an odor ‘down there,’ do you know what could be causing it?”This is something that may seem too embarrassing to ask but if you have noticed a change in odor, it’s worth mentioning. Several things can influence your own personal scent including everything from food, drinks, medications to alcohol. If you notice a definitive change, you could be experiencing an infection. 
  3. “I feel like my PMS makes it really hard to function, how can I tell if what I am experiencing is normal?” 

    PMS is never a pleasant experience but if you feel like your life comes to a screeching halt at the same time each month you could be suffering from premenstrual dysphoric disorder. This condition often shows symptoms like extreme depression or anxiety and you may even start crying for now reason or exploding at others around you. Your doctor may be able to recommend therapy, medication or perhaps changes to your lifestyle that may be adding to your stress. 

  4. “I noticed a bump ‘down there,’ should I be worried? 

    Anytime you notice a bump, rash or any abnormality around your vagina you should speak to your doctor to rule out an STD or other health issues. From time to time, women commonly get a pimple or ingrown hair that could be painful but if the bump lingers for more than a few days or it seems different than anything you have experienced before, you should have it looked at. 

  5. “Is it safe to have sex during my period?” 

    Believe it or not, you are not alone if you have ever wondered if it’s “okay” to have sex during your period. If you and your partner are worried about whether it is safe or not, this is a question your doctor can answer for you. For most women, having sex during their period is perfectly healthy, you may want to discuss your pregnancy risks however if that is a concern.