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New Report Confirms Zika Causes Microcephaly

Since it’s reemergence into society, it’s been believed that the Zika virus is directly linked to microcephaly (a condition marked by a smaller than average size head at birth). The science wasn’t yet there to back it 100% though.  Now a new report shows that Zika is without a doubt responsible for the condition.

Prior to this, it was strongly believed that Zika was the cause of this birth defect but without conclusive evidence, scientists were afraid to make a definitive statement.  While it would seem there must be more behind the connection than a mere coincidence, we now know, in fact, it’s more than that

For women who are pregnant, or plan to soon become pregnant, there is a serious risk. For the public (excluding these women), it’s relatively harmless. In fact, it’s not uncommon to experience no symptoms at all.

We have recently learned, however, that men can pass the virus to their female partners.

So why should we fear microcephaly?

For one, there is no cure and currently no preventive medicine either. Babies born with microcephaly not only have smaller heads but also smaller brains. These are issues that sadly cannot be reversed.

As a result of the research, health professionals hope to lay to rest the wide variety of myths and theories surrounding the sudden surge in microcephaly cases. One of the most common being that chemicals currently being used to kill the Zika-carrying larvae are behind the defects.

With this solid information presented, women now need to take the threat of Zika even more seriously than ever before.

Current guidelines are warning pregnant women to avoid traveling to affected areas. This warning has also been extended to having sex with a male partner who has recently traveled to any of these locations as well. Consequently, if either partner has recently traveled, barrier method protection is also recommended.
The more Zika cases scientists encounter, the more they learn. Hopefully, this means we are coming ever closer to finding a vaccine and a cure.


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