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Brookyln Vending Machine Offers Pregnancy Tests and Plan B

Cookies, gum, chips, granola bars…well, it seems like the vending machine has everything you could possibly need…except for Plan B! Wait, what? Okay, so maybe your mind hasn’t quite begun thinking like this but after you hear what one Brooklyn location is offering, you will start looking at these machines a bit differently. In addition to the expected items, this vending machine offers Plan B, pregnancy tests and personal lubricants.

Increases access to Plan B

So what’s the benefit? As far as we have progressed as a society, there are still those inevitable shameful glances given by many, especially when teenagers enter a pharmacy in search of proper family planning methods. Like it or not, it still exists. When we eliminate the shame and fear of judgment from these purchases, it stands to reason that they should be used more often, right?

Less expensive

Not only is Plan B available conveniently in the vending machine but it’s also available for $4 less than you can find it at Walgreens, selling for $35. While this is only one location, the idea is one that, with luck, will soon catch on. For teens (and adults for that matter) purchasing a pregnancy test can be extremely anxiety-inducing. Imagine just putting in your change and getting a test right there on the spot?

Step in the right direction

While there has naturally been some opposition, women and women’s advocates see this as a step in the right direction. Having even greater access to family planning items is a victory no matter how you look at it. Interestingly enough, this vending machine became stocked more for entertainment value. The owner, Peter Rose, has said that he was looking at the aisles of CVS one day and saw these types of items and thought it would be interesting to put them in a vending machine since it was something that normally doesn’t belong there.

While his reasons for putting the items for sale in the vending machine weren’t political, the issue at hand very much is based in politics. It may be a quirky Brooklyn vending machine currently but the idea that this convenient family planning clinic idea could spread is exciting!


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