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5 Tips for Talking to Your Partner About Birth Control

I remember being told as a teen that if you weren’t comfortable buying condoms, you weren’t mature enough yet to have sex. I believe I stand with many adults when I say that buying condoms still is a bit cringe-worthy no matter how many times you’ve done it. Unlike that well-meaning advice from way back when, there is no real hard and fast rule about when the right time to start being sexually active is.

It’s a personal and individual decision.

One thing that remains constant, however, is that whenever you decide to become sexually active, you must put health at the forefront of your mind (and your partner’s too). Talking about birth control might not we the sexiest part of sex but it’s vital for your overall health. From protecting yourself from STDs and pregnancy to protecting your partner, it’s worth bringing the topic up.

Not sure how to start talking to your partner about birth control? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out.

Tips for discussion birth control with your partner

1. Prepare What You Will Say Ahead of Time

Most women who have been sexually active for any length of time have experienced that moment when you expect the man to reach for a condom and he goes to make his move without one.This is one more reason that birth control and protection should be discussed ahead of time. No one wants to “ruin the moment” but your health is worth it.
Before things get heated up, consider what you will say to your partner. This includes thinking of potential objections and how you will address them.

2. Consider Your Personal Needs

What are your personal needs? What kind of birth control method are you wanting to start? Whether it’s the pill, condoms or any other number of birth control options out there, what do you think works best for you?

3. Discuss Concerns

Now that you have stated the birth control method of your choice, expect that there could be concerns. What if the condom breaks? Will you remember to take your pill every day? Have we both been tested? These are typical concerns you might expect and prepare to speak about.

4. Address Equal Responsibility

While the female body is the only one that can actually carry a baby, that doesn’t mean it’s only the woman’s responsibility to be sure birth control methods are being used. Discuss the shared responsibility with your partner.

5. Talk About Your Relationship

Believe it or not, adventures in birth control can actually bond you even closer together. Along with discussing your health, opening the pathway to communication about your sexual activity can actually bring you closer together and help you feel more comfortable discussing your preferences.


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