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Vasalgel – Birth Control for Men is Here (Almost)!

We’ve been anxiously anticipating the day that a male birth control pill is an option. While it’s not exactly in a pill form yet, birth control for men is being revolutionized – Vasalgel is here!

So what is it if it’s NOT a pill?

Basically, the drug is a gel that’s injected into the vas deferens. It works in a similar way to a vasectomy but it’s much easier to reverse! Before this new invention, men had the option to use a condom and/or rely on his female partner’s use of hormonal contraception. Now, men can actively reduce their chance of unplanned pregnancy.

How does it work?

After the gel is injected, the sperm are blocked from traveling through the vas deferens for up to one year. There is no long term impact on fertility since sperm can once again move once the tube is flushed out and the gel is passed through.

What are the advantages?

When it comes to male birth control, they have a one-up on us—there are fewer unwanted side effects because there is no impact on male hormones. As women, many of us experience a flux in hormone regulation and may experience unwanted side effects as a result. The responsibility to prevent pregnancy is now more evenly distributed between partners.

Is this the male birth control we keep hearing about?

This year we have heard of many different male birth control solutions – Vasalgel is just one of them. Others have included pills that block sperm temporarily and even ultrasound treatment.

When can we expect to see male birth control on the market?

Testing is going well so we can expect to see the product on the market by 2018. It has only been tested on rabbits so far, but the results have been positive so far!


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