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When Getting Down Goes Wrong: Staying Safe After Unprotected Sex

The three words that you never want to hear: “the condom broke.” Unfortunately, things happen and you may be in a situation where you don’t know what to do. Whether it’s a Tinder date gone wrong or a birth control mishap, your next steps of action are essential in staying healthy and avoiding unplanned pregnancy after unprotected sex.

Step One: Go To The Bathroom

Using the restroom immediately after sexual intercourse is KEY! Any time a woman has sex, she comes in contact with bacteria that can put her at risk for contracting a urinary tract infection. In fact, 80 percent of UTI’s are triggered by sex, according to Everyday Health. Women are also most at risk for UTI’s after the first time having sex with a new partner.

Step Two: Consider Using An Emergency Contraceptive

You may think that because you used the pull-out method, you are safe from pregnancy. Unfortunately, that is not the case and you should consider using an emergency contraceptive. Sperm can fertilize an egg for up to seven days after intercourse and it only takes one to get pregnant! PRJKT RUBY offers two types of emergency contraceptives: EContra™ EZ, effective for 72 hours after, and Ella, effective for 120 hours after.

Step Three: Take Stock

Within the next few days, pay extra attention to your body. Notice if you experience anything out of the ordinary, such as unusual discharge, odor, itching and/or pain. Symptoms of a UTI, yeast or bacterial infection can begin to show up within a day or up to a week post-hook-up.

Step Four: Get Tested

After two weeks have passed, consider taking an at-home pregnancy test and make an appointment with your doctor to be tested for STDs. If you think you’ve been exposed to HIV, immediately contact your doctor to request a prophylactic course of antiretrovirals. After being tested for STDs and pregnancy, monitor yourself closely for the next few weeks to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary.

Step Five: Prevent Future Emergencies

Unprotected sex can happen even with the best of intentions, but it is important to take action when it does and prevent yourself from making a mistake in the future. Using contraception, whether it is condoms or birth control, is simple and worth it in the end!]]>


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