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You Need To Stop Doing These Things to Your Vagina NOW

There are always a plethora of beauty and hygiene trends floating around. While some are harmless, there are a few that we’ve picked up on that can be very damaging, especially if done to your lady parts! We’ve compiled a list of things you need to stop doing ASAP and avoid at all costs.


If you have never heard of “steaming,” it is a new health trend where infrared and mugwort steam is used to “cleanse” your uterus. While some women swear by V-steaming, doctors have commented on the process noting that there are risks involved, such as burning if the steam is too hot and it messes with your natural bacteria.

Using something other than lube

When needing some extra lubrication during sex, be sure to only use lube. Do not opt for lotions, oils, etc. because these can cause irritation and infection. Also, be careful about the type of lube that you buy. Oil-based lube is often thick and hard to wash off.


Many states do not have regulations on genital piercings. This can lead to piercings being done incorrectly and causing permanent nerve damage and/or infection. While piercings down there can be okay if done correctly, there is still a big risk on having one. During sex, it is common for women to have their piercings snag on things and have it ripped out. It’s better to avoid the pain and the trip to the hospital altogether.

Using hair removal cream

Hair removal cream is a great alternative to waxing or shaving on the rest of your body, but not for your genital area. The skin here is much more sensitive and can be easily irritated. Using hair removal cream down there can cause tiny abrasions that lead to infection.


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