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What Does the Color of Your Period Blood Mean?

Your period blood can range from pink to rust-colored, but what does each color mean? Each period is unique and different for each woman and your coloring may not be the same as your friend or sister. Here is how to de-code your period color to see what is normal and when you should be alarmed.

Dark Brown

Although brown may not be the color that you think of when you think of blood; don’t worry, this color is totally normal. This dark brown color just means the blood is older. Sometimes, the blood has been sitting in your uterine lining since your previous period or it’s just taking longer to leave your body which gives it more time to oxidize and turn a darker color. Typically, women see this color towards the beginning or end of their cycle when the flow is lighter.

Dark Red

Many women typically see this color when they first wake up in the morning or during the middle of their cycle. This color means the blood has been sitting in your uterine lining a little longer.

Bright Red/Cranberry Color

Cranberry or bright red period blood means the blood is new and typically indicates that you are having a healthy period. You will usually see this color during the middle of your period or when your flow is heavy, although some women see this color during their entire cycle.

Grey and Red

If you see grey clumps in your blood, you may have an infection such as an STD or STI or may be experiencing a miscarriage. Even if you think it may not be either of these things, you should call or visit your gynecologist ASAP.

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