Posted: June 6, 2017 Contributor: administrator

Your Menstrual Pads and Tampons May Be Toxic

Have you ever wondered what materials make up the menstrual pads and tampons that you use every month? Well, unfortunately, the products you are using may contain harmful toxins.

What’s in your feminine products?

According to research done by Ami Zota, an assistant professor of environmental health at George Washington University, the feminine care products that were tested contained phthalates and dioxins, and both can be absorbed by the vagina and passes almost directly into the bloodstream. Phthalates have been linked to developmental issues, and dioxins are highly toxic carcinogens. Reports have found that even the smallest levels of dioxins may be linked to hormone disruption, immune system suppression, abnormal tissue, and cell growth and cancer.

What should you do?

Knowledge is power. Research the products you are using and find out what is in them. If you find that the products you are using may contain harmful materials, or if you aren’t sure, try finding a safer alternative. There are a few brands that carry organic cotton feminine hygiene products. A few of our recommendations are Natracare, Seventh Generation, Glad Rags, and Organyc.
Controlling your flow via birth control is also another helpful option. Less flow = less tampons. PRJKT RUBY offers affordable birth control at $20/month. Check us out!


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