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3 Ways to Celebrate National Health & Fitness Day (and beyond!)

As National Women’s Health & Fitness Day approaches, we’ve been brainstorming ways to get out and celebrate, only to be left feeling a little conflicted. While we want to provide a fun list of things to check off when the day arrives, we also believe this list shouldn’t be confined to September 27th. With that being said, here are three ways you can celebrate National Women’s Health & Fitness Day, and every day after that as well.

Get out and get going

Whether you prefer to hit the weights or hit the pavement, getting your heart rate up is a must! If you find yourself struggling to stay motivated (like so many of us do), get the ladies in your life involved. Working out with others is a great way to follow through, and stay motivated throughout your workout.

Schedule a meeting with yourself

We put so much of our attention and energy in our school, work, and relationships that we often forget to take time for ourselves. Not anymore! We challenge you to look at your calendar and schedule a recurring meeting with yourself. Use this time to completely free yourself of the stresses of everyday life, and do your best to truly relax. You’ll be glad you did it—trust us!

Do what you love

Part of being healthy is being happy, and that means doing what brings you the most joy. Whether it’s dancing, writing, or spending time outdoors—do it, do it often, and do it unapologetically.
National Women’s Health & Fitness Day serves as a much-needed reminder that our health and wellbeing are so often neglected in our everyday lives. In reality, we shouldn’t need a holiday to remind us that it’s important to take care of ourselves; we should be treating every day like Women’s Health & Fitness Day because we deserve it!


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