Posted: February 7, 2018 Contributor: administrator

All You Need Is Love

There is so much love to give this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re in a relationship or not. This year, try skipping the roses, cards, and chocolates (okay, maybe we’ll take the chocolates) and play your part in spreading the love to women around the world who don’t have access to the services they need, like effective contraception and family planning. At PRJKT RUBY, we show our love by bringing these affordable services to women in our own backyard and beyond.

Spreading the love through PRJKT RUBY

In developing countries, more than half of all women of reproductive age want to avoid a pregnancy but only about 25% of those women are using effective protection. That’s why we launched the PRJKT RUBY TakeCare, Give Care campaign—a way for you to spread your love overseas to regions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Every month that you purchase your birth control through PRJKT RUBY, we will continue to donate 25 cents to support accessible contraceptives and counseling to women in the developing world.

It’s a win-win

Plus, when you order through PRJKT RUBY, our U.S. licensed physicians will help you find the birth control that’s right for you—a match made in heaven that will leave you feeling confident and safe this Valentine’s Day.  This year, join us in celebrating kindness, self-love, and care for all women. Everyone deserves a Valentine treat, so make a difference and share the L-O-V-E! 


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