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Take Control of Your Body: World Health Day

PRJKT RUBY’s mission is to make birth control available to women around the world in a way that’s both easy and affordable. Hundreds of thousands of women around the world lack access to oral contraceptives and family planning services. Today, we celebrate World Health Day, a global day of recognition for the World Health Organization’s work towards ensuring that people around the world have access to healthcare coverage.
According to the World Health Organization:

– Half the world lacks access to essential health services.
– Skyrocketing health costs worldwide have pushed 100 million people into poverty.
– Over 800 million people spend at least 10% of their household budgets to pay for healthcare services

Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere

This year’s theme, on the special 70th anniversary, is Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere. We couldn’t be more on board.

According to WHO, the organization was “founded on the principle that all people should be able to realize their right to the highest possible level of health.” PRJKT RUBY’s stance, though dedicated to oral contraceptives and family health planning services, is playing an important role in this global mission. Our TakeCare, GiveCare movement continues to inspire universal access to birth control and related services by donating 25 cents for every month of birth control sold to PSI, a nonprofit global health organization. These funds are being used to support access to contraception for women in the developing world, where more than half of all reproductive-age women want to avoid a pregnancy, but most don’t have access to effective methods of birth control.

How you can get involved

So how can you get involved? The WHO suggests communicating with your local stakeholders, engaging with organizations in your community, creating noise via social media, and starting a conversation with those who may not be aware of the worldwide issues at stake. You can also help change lives by joining us in our global fight to make contraceptives readily accessible to women around the world. Be loud and be proud this World Health Day.
Learn more about the World Health Organization here


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