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How to Outsmart Your Period Symptoms

Despite menstruation being a sign that your body is working correctly, periods can have very uncomfortable effects on a woman’s body. Insane cravings, cramps, weakness, and fatigue are just a few of the symptoms experienced by millions of women. Though these symptoms are the WORST, they are very normal and also VERY treatable.

Tips for dealing with period symptoms

Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle helps, but let’s be real—the last place we want to go while we’re on our period is the gym (especially when the pizza cravings go through the roof)! These simple tips will help you fight through those less than favorable symptoms and stay confident regardless of the time of the month.

To stay energized

It’s no surprise, women lose a lot of blood during their period. According to Nutritionist Resource, women need about 18 milligrams of iron a day, most of which is lost during an average period! If you’re feeling weak or lethargic during menstruation, take an iron supplement in the morning with your first meal or try incorporating other great iron-filled alternatives into your diet such as lentils and spinach!

To avoid the period binge

During your period, your hormone levels are fluctuating and you may be losing key nutrients. This is the reason for all of those sweet and salty cravings, which can actually end up throwing your body into even more of a hormonal roller coaster! Combat this by eating smaller meals throughout the day and focus on healthy fats such as avocado and fresh fruit to satisfy that sweet tooth!

Pro tip: According to Women’s Health Magazine, lean protein and fiber can actually help your blood sugar remain stable which will trick your body into forgetting about those major cravings!

To ease the pain

Menstrual cramps can leave you feeling paralyzed for days. Though there isn’t a cure-all remedy, the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests staying away from dairy, refined sugars, and caffeine during your period to combat the pain. Supplements such as Vitamin D and Magnesium can also help with your menstrual pain, but always consult a doctor first!  

Listen to your body

Your body is going through a lot while you’re on your period, so it’s up to you to treat it right. Listen to your body when it’s hungry, tired, or feeling weak—it needs you to! Of course, staying hydrated and avoiding refined sugars and processed foods will keep you on the right track, feeling more energized and confident! 


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