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Saying No to #Goals

In the age of social media and news feeds filled with people living their best lives—it seems you can’t go a day without seeing at least one “#goals” comment. While on the surface it seems like an innocent compliment, it could hold much more meaningful implications to your self-esteem. Studies have shown that one’s self-esteem is directly linked to increased social media usage, which further reflects their satisfaction with life. So, instead of thinking “GOALS,” here are some ways you can stay confident while on social media:

– Instagram isn’t always reality: While scrolling, remember that you’re seeing the highlight reel of people’s lives – the moments that they have carefully selected to share. If someone’s life seems too good to be true, it very well could be. That’s why we recommend you do your best to stray away from accounts that radiate perfection and perpetuate unattainable goals. Our tip: look for authenticity instead.
– Don’t be afraid to unfollow: When it comes to staying confident on social media, the “unfollow” button can sometimes be your BFF. If you find envy creeping in when you scroll past someone’s posts, it may be time to take a break from their feed or channel altogether. Your mental health is more important than a like.
– Think “what would Amy Poehler do?”:  In her book Yes Please, Poehler shares her go-to phrase when she finds herself comparing: “Good for her! Not for me.” Women should celebrate other women for their strengths while recognizing and accepting that they’re different than yours. By using this mantra, you can appreciate others without simultaneously putting yourself down.

It’s crucial to remain conscious of comparison and the self-destructive thoughts it often leads to. Say no to #goals while browsing, and instead celebrate all the beautiful, unique and real people on your feed, including yourself! 


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