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Face Mapping: An Ancient Guide to Reading Your Breakouts

Hormonal acne is tough, especially when you’re on your period. Your face is a reflection of your health, and when your hormones are irregular, breakouts happen. According to the ancient Chinese Ayurvedic technique, face mapping,” the area of your acne is correlated to what’s happening inside of your body. For example, “face mapping” reveals that breakouts on your forehead may indicate that something isn’t quite right with your digestive system, whereas acne on your cheeks can be reflective of issues with your respiratory system.

How to interpret your acne

Acne on your chin can be correlated to hormonal imbalances, and the nose is said to be linked to the circulatory system. Although there is no foolproof guide to understanding the causes of acne, there are ways to prevent it!

According to Mindbodygreen, there are several areas you may be experiencing acne. Luckily, there are ways to avoid a dreaded breakout:

– Forehead: This may be a sign your body is having difficulty breaking down certain foods. To fight dreaded forehead breakouts, try eliminating common food allergens to see if you’re experiencing any intolerances. Many have found avoiding dairy, gluten, and fatty foods can be quite effective. Most importantly, aim to drink at least two liters of water per day (this is especially important while menstruating)!
– Cheeks: Breakouts in this area could be due to pollution –  which is why it’s important to always keep your face clean. To avoid pesky blemishes, wash your skin properly and refrain from touching your cheeks with your hands. It may also be caused by a dirty cellphone or pillowcase, so make sure to always keep your devices and sheets as clean as possible!
– Chin: The chin is generally linked to hormonal acne and stress, which is why you’re more likely to break out during that time of the month. Drinking lots of water, getting sufficient sleep, and staying active will help keep your hormones in check and ease blemishes.
– Nose: Breakouts on your nose may suggest an issue with your blood pressure or circulatory system. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, cutting back on spicy foods, eliminating alcoholic beverages or coffee, and avoiding too much processed food can help prevent excessive breakouts in this area, as well as encourage overall excellent health.

Birth control can help treat acne

One of the most common and effective remedies to treat acne is birth control. According to Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, MD, an NYC-based dermatologist, “when women’s hormone levels shift from a more female profile (for example, with estrogen and progesterone) to a more male profile (for example, testosterone) during our cycles, this has an effect on oil production and acne.” When the hormone profile is more male dominant, the sebum glands (which make oil) become more active, causing acne to flare. Taking the pill can balance these hormones and decrease the amount of testosterone in the body—giving you clearer skin!

Every woman’s body is different, and we want to help find what works best for you! If you struggle with hormonal acne, schedule a free consultation with one of PRJKT RUBY‘s U.S. licensed physicians today to see if the pill is right for you.  


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