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Back to School With PRJKT RUBY

A new semester is upon us, ladies! With a new year comes a lot of stress—buying textbooks, finding your classes, getting to know new roommates, and settling back into the study grind after a summer of fun! Whether it’s your first semester of college or your last, the last thing you should have to deal with is figuring out your birth control, meeting with doctors, and paying hefty medical bills as a college student.

PRJKT RUBY was made to help young women like you, offering access to birth control that’s easy, affordable, and guarantees your privacy. The process takes place completely online with a questionnaire and video consultation with one of our U.S. licensed physicians, and that’s it — if your prescription is approved, your birth control will be mailed to you in discreet packaging. Feel confident and free knowing that your sexual health is staying private from your dorm, adults, or friends.

In a political climate where the future of women’s sexual health and freedom doesn’t always seem guaranteed, we strive to create a community of positivity, education, and access to the prescription you need to live the life you choose. That being said, life does happen. Whether you’re out at a party, you’re in a monogamous relationship, or you’re just going with the flow, it’s important to stay protected! So as you take this semester head-on, here are a few tips to keep in mind to feel your best, most confident, and healthiest all semester long:

No means no! Remember, if you ever feel uncomfortable, violated, or out of place in a sexual situation, say no. You don’t owe anyone your body. Be familiar with your RAs, campus security, or adults on duty in case of an emergency situation.
Get tested! Unfortunately, STDs do make their way around college campuses. Stay up to date on testing at a local clinic or with your on-campus doctor!  It’s super important to be open and honest about any STD’s to avoid them spreading. (Remember: though birth control does protect from unwanted pregnancy, it does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases! To be safe, always use a condom!)
Drugs and alcohol can impair your physical and mental health. When taking part in any recreational drinking, make sure you’re staying hydrated and aware of your surroundings to avoid any dangerous situations that you may not be able to protect yourself from.
Have fun! College is your time to shine. Be safe, do what feels right, and use your best judgment.

Consult with one of PRJKT RUBY’s physicians to find a birth control pill that’s right for you! It all starts here:


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