Posted: June 10, 2016 Contributor: administrator

That Time of the Month: Your Period From the Beginning

Shark week, the crimson wave, Aunt Flo… there are a million nicknames for that little monthly visitor. Here in the US, menstruation is just a nuisance, but in other parts of the world, it affects women much differently.   In some countries, women cannot work certain jobs because menstruation causes “imbalance”, and they often have to keep feminine products unseen and out of the trash. In many places, girls are forced to cut up pieces of mattresses, fabric and leaves to use as pads and the lack of feminine products keeps some girls home from school. While it seems strange that this could still be occurring in the 21st century, menstruation (and methods of dealing with it) has an even more bizarre past. Take a look!
Learn more about the evolution of feminine hygiene products, via the People for Periods project and infographic above.


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