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Going Commando Can Actually Be Good For You

The controversy over not wearing underwear has long been debated. Some say that it’s gross, unhygienic and even unsafe. However, there is no direct correlation between not wearing underwear and contracting infections. In fact, there is room for argument that not wearing underwear is actually better for you!
That is why we’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts when considering going commando.

DO: When Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes

Panty lines are a forever foe when wearing underwear. Try going commando when opting for a tight skirt or leggings to eliminate this issue.

DO: When at the Gym

Wearing underwear at the gym can be a nuisance. Wearing sweaty clothes can also cause yeast infections; so be sure to change quickly after your workout.

DON’T: When You Are On Your Period

Going commando during your period can make you more vulnerable to infections. Anytime you use a tampon, your vaginal opening is more exposed, allowing bacteria to enter and trigger bacterial vaginosis or a urinary tract infection.

DO: When You’re Sleeping

It is actually better for your body to sleep without underwear on. In fact, sleeping naked has been linked to better sleep, reducing belly fat, and more! Your body can naturally cool down to the temperature that it is supposed to at night, which can also help keep off weight.

DON’T: When You’re Shopping

When you are shopping, it is likely that you will be trying on clothing in the fitting room. This can be a recipe for infection if not wearing underwear. You do not want to share germs with those trying on clothes before you.


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